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We now offer VIESSMANN
Heating Systems

Smithfield Plumbing & Heating Supply® is pleased to now offer a full line of Viessmann heating products. The Viessmann Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating and renewable energy systems. Family-owned since 1917, Dr. Martin Viessmann leads the company into its third generation. The company employs over 11,400 employees worldwide and has sales in excess of 2.5 billion dollars. Viessmann owns 27 manufacturing facilities in eleven countries with an additional 120 sales and distribution facilities in Germany and seventy-four other countries, strategically placed to provide a strong global brand presence.


Viessmann believes in creating a multi-level, top quality program of high-tech, state-of-the-art heating products. Viessmann offers a wide range of wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boilers, floor-standing oil- or gas-fired hot water heating boilers, solar thermal systems, advanced controllers and DHW storage tanks, not to mention an extensive range of commercial style high output system boilers – all designed to achieve superior performance, reliability and energy savings.


With Viessmann's current comprehensive product range, accountability for the environment and society, fairness when dealing with business partners as well as the pursuit of perfection and maximum efficiency in all business transactions, allowing us to offer to our customers the benefit and added value of a strong brand.


Stop by any of our branches today for more information, prices and availability on the full line of Viessmann products available.



Single Zone Ductless
Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Our Century® "S" Series of ductless mini-splits is ideal for locations where it's too expensive or impractical to install ductwork to add air conditioning...or where a window air conditioning unit can't be used. The Indoor unit of the "S" Series includes a Temperature Compensation feature that automatically adjusts to eliminate temperature stratification between ceiling and floor temperatures.


These cost-competitive systems are ideal for bedrooms, sunrooms, offices, arena skyboxes, historical properties, warehouse offices and more. A hole approximately 3-inches in diameter is all that's needed to connect the indoor and outdoor units.


Economical Zone Control - Only the room or area being used is cooled or heated. Also, no energy is used to force air through the duct system.

Quiet Operation - Operating noise is kept outside with the condensing unit; the indoor air handler is whisper quiet due to a multi-speed, high tech cross-flow fan.

Multiple Modes - Multiple Modes include cooling, dehumidification only, air circulation (fan only), and heating for heat pump models. Also includes sleep mode, 24-hour timer and jet cool for fast cool-down.

Attractive Appearance - Low profile design and stone white exterior of the indoor unit blends with all decors, and unit extends just 8 inches into the room.

Multi-Stage Filtration - Triple filtration system includes electrostatic filter, antifungal filter and deodorizing filter.

Self-Diagnostics - Convenient feature makes it easy to quickly identify any operational problems.

Comfort Modes - Auto operation, sleep mode, 24 hour timer, dehumidification mode, auto restart.

Louver Settings - Both horizontal and vertical louvers can be set for air direction; louver "swing" can be selected for gentle, breeze-like effect.

Stop by any of our branches for more information. If you need a licensed installer, just give us a call for the names of qualified installers in your area.

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